Sunday, September 26, 2004

Elfs at work!

When there are too many screwups along the way, it must be the little elfs telling you to go back to the start point.

I wasn't about to listen to them that straightforwardly, but since more mistakes started popping out last night, I figured I'd better heed to the calling -- read the pattern closely and re-check my progress.

They are so right!

I had a mistake right from the start!

The color doesn't come out right. It's 2 shades darker than it's here.

And I was up to the 6th repeat...see the width by comparing it against my working copy

And so into the frog pond, it went (2am in the morning, no less). I was just trying so hard to like the colour -- it was doubled with sliver green and white. But it's such a I can just reinstate it back to its singlehood and use the green on its own.

Never mind that it's going to end up being a finer shawl. It's probably going to feel better next to the skin except that I'll just have to make extra double or more?!



Anonymous said...

Yay on the new blog!
Too bad about having to frog the shawl. The pattern gets really easy the more you do it and see how the decreases and yarn overs work together.
Yeah, I would add a LOT of extra charts, even if you were sticking with the double strand, because in the original shawl you get most of the width and length by blocking SEVERELY, and cotton ribbon won't block as much as alpaca or wool. So I think you probably are going to want to go up to 12-16 repeats at least.
Hope this helps!
-Sarah Elizabeth of knitonespintoo

alison on Sun Sep 26, 08:17:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Hi there! Your shawl was so lovely. Too bad it has to be frogged. Be strong! You'll love it so much more when it's mistake-free. Best of luck with it.

(And welcome to blog-land! Go ahead and link all you want - it's your blog. :0))

emy on Mon Sep 27, 04:40:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Thanks Sarah & Alison. I am actually glad I have now fogged -- the *new, improved and enhanced* version (doesn't that sound like an ad?) is so much better. Being single coloured and slimmer, it looks like a shawl that I would use more often :)


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