Thursday, November 15, 2012

Keeping the blog alive

Hi there reader...if you happen to stumble on this blog.

Things in our household and extended family have been keeping us very busy and very much incognito for the past ten months.

For starters, the knitting interest in Singapore has never waned. In fact, just as the crochet revival took centerstage for about 20 months or so; now knitting has come full circle being the center of attention again.

So the private knitting and crochet lessons has kept me rather busy.  But technology has its way of making itself a part of your life when you least expected. There was a long of deliberation but our knitting and crochet teaching gig debuted in Facebook few months back!

(And I blame microblogging on facebook page app... it's keeping me from doing the "real blogging" work.)

On the personal front, my niece (that little yellow dressed up gal) has been making trips to our household once a week. My family members were musing about how my instructional capabilities have now extended to teaching the little one to deal with her Maths homework.

There has been some FOs in the last 10 months and probably lots more WIPs. I will show you the next time round!

Thanks for sticking around!



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