Monday, January 24, 2005

My blog is pink and so is Hello Kitty

Seeing Siow Chin and Froggy joining the Hello Kitty Knitalong, I just had to see what's the fuss all about.

CUTE! Olsofia has an entire outfit designed and it's mostly pink and white! That kind of colours, I think I can find some in my stash. Else, I would work it in non-badge colors; I have a fair bit of pastel color yarns too.

Another way to use up stash! Whoopee! Did I just mention that I am joining as well?


la sof on Mon Jan 24, 07:24:00 AM GMT+8 said...

HI! Some singapore friends of mine are having a boy next month, i wonder what i can knit... it's so hot in their HDB flat, (hopefully they move soon!) what are singaporian baby supposed to wear??? what do people like to be offered when a baby is born???? Can u help me? I hope i can join u whan i go to singapore, once a year!

Anonymous said...

The Hello Kitty patterns look just great. I haven't joined yet.... still considering if I'm up to the intarsia.
Siow Chin

Lauren on Mon Jan 24, 08:42:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I cannot wait to se your Hello Kitty design! I am thinking about joining this group too!

Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stopping by to say Hi. I'm a knitter right here in S'pore.


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